About Us

At Longtown Rural Water District No.1, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents!

Longtown Rural Water & Sewer Dist.#1, began in 1971 as a purchased water system. The district purchased water from Haskell County, but a drought caused them to limit the amount of water they sold us, which turned out to be in our best interest. It was at this time that our district was formed.  In 1986 a packaged water plant was designed, one of the very first in the state of Oklahoma This plant was designed to produce one million gallons per day but in reality, only produced 750,000 gallons per day. Last year we almost reached that capacity producing 687,500 gallons per day.
Our new plant was built in 2012 and produces approximately 950,000 gallons per day at maximum capacity, which we currently are maxing out in the summer months. We applied and was awarded the ARPA grant in January of 2023 to build an additional tower in order to keep up the water supply for our rapidly growing water district. We are trying to obtain the easement required to be able to provide water to all our members and our purchase customers. Hopefully by years end we will have the new tower erected and functioning, so supply and demand can be met with new tower providing the volume and pressure required.